Dream Lawns’ seasoned professionals will work with you to design a total lawn care program. This includes educating you on the type of program that will help you achieve your desired results, how long it will take, and how you can help nurture your lawn.

We’ve built our reputation by never cutting corners on application services — we apply what your lawn needs, when it needs it. And during each visit, each lawn is carefully inspected and monitored to ensure that the current program is working.

Our services also include:

  • Dry, granular fertilizers that provide maximum benefits (slow release root feeding)
  • Crabgrass, insect, and grub controls
  • Spot weed control
  • Core aeration and over-seeding and slit/slice seeding
  • De-thatching & renovation
  • Environmentally-friendly services, with minimal pesticide usage
  • State-Certified Applicators
  • We use only top-quality products from LESCO, the leader in the professional green and pest control industries

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We are excited to announce that Dream Lawns has been named Best of HomeGuide in 2017!

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